Simply stated I use the same care 

and attention  I use for my carpet 

cleaning services. Pre-inspection of

 the furniture fabric is essential!

 My specialties include: Micro fiber, 

Polyester, Olefin, Cotton, Haitian-

 Cotton, Wool, Nylon Velour's, 

Velvets & many more. 


 Your upholstery will last longer the 

more often it's professionally cleaned .

 Kids, pets and day today wear can 

take a toll on your furniture.


All upholstery fabric is different and

 cannot be cleaned with the same

 chemicals and methods. So before

 you decide to clean or take spots

 out of your expensive furniture

 with a $4.99 bottle of upholstery 

cleaner , read the labels on your

 furniture and give us a call.


Call now and schedule

 your appointment!


Lakes Region-Laconia NH (603) 524-8264   

  Concord Area NH (603) 415-1011