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Let New England Carpet &Upholstery Cleaning help you create a cleaner, healthier indoor environment for you and your family.

      We use  Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning that utilizes up to 245 degree steam, high  pressurized jetting action as well as powerful vacuum suction. This Allows for the deepest clean, optimal drying times and the least amount of cleaning residue left behind. 

        This deep clean  removes soils ,dust, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, heating fuel residues ,food and drink residues, cooking oils ,car exhaust residue and prior cleaning detergents, while rejuvenating the pile to an upright position.

 We use all natural non-toxic residue- free cleaning solutions  that are family, pet, technician and environmentally safe. Our cleaning process is specially tailored to provide carpets with an exclusively longer-lasting and healthier clean without relying on toxic chemicals or detergents.

 With our natural cleaning solution, dirt is dislodged from deep within your carpet to the surface where it can be whisked away with ease. This paves the way to a much deeper clean and can increase carpet life and overall quality.

 Our cleaning solutions all have lower pH levels, leaving behind little to  no residues that cause rapid re-soiling and  those horrible traffic lanes. 

We are going into our 12th year of switching over to non-toxic safe cleaning agents and offering our customers a healthier cleaning option.

  A popular misconception is that eco-friendly products do not clean as well. We have to  strongly disagree, in almost all cases the product is more researched, more expensive and  the cleaning results are more effective!  If your wondering how these clean please check out our before& after photo gallery.


          Oriental, Wool & Domestic Rugs

There is no need to spend excessive amounts of money to clean these fine expensive rugs. I'll clean them  in your home safely, for a fraction of the price of sending them out.

  We have special cleaning agents and techniques to properly clean these types of rugs. These natural fiber area rugs are more temperamental as far as staining goes. Often a spot  left unattended for an extended period of time or that has been set by a high alkaline spotter may be permanent .

With proper maintenance and care these textiles are meant to last for many years. The truth is for the typical homeowner there's really no way for you to spot and clean theses types of natural fiber rugs  without eventually damaging  them. 

However, an extensive cleaning by us will remove spots and soil. Cleaning will also restore luster to the pile and brighten the beautiful colors of these expensive textiles. 

Braided rugs are charged per side. The pricing on the natural fiber area rugs and upholstery is higher due to the higher expense  involved in properly cleaning them. 

When is it time to clean your carpets?

       Today's carpet fibers have been engineered to withstand soiling and stains better than ever before.  Carpet should be  maintained  before it begins to exhibit signs of spotting and  soiling. If you wait until advanced signs of soiling and wear have set in, many times the fibers have been damaged  as if a piece of sandpaper were rubbing it. Regular maintenance of your carpet and upholstery is necessary to prolong the life , appearance and integrity of the fibers

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