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      We first go over any stains , spots  or prior damage and discuss what can be removed and what cannot as well as what you can expect from a thorough cleaning.  Although we cannot take out wear and  permanent stains we can sanitize and remove spots, soils, contaminants and organisms that inhabit your dirty carpets and upholstery.

      Our deep cleaning method removes dust mites, pollen, heating fuel residues, cooking oils ,car exhaust residue and prior cleaning detergents, while rejuvenating the pile to an upright position. We cannot guarantee to  bring  back  carpet & upholstery from  permanent stains, wear & tear from misuse, improper cleaning agents and lack of maintenance. 

        On occasion deep spills, residues from prior cleanings or spot removals can resurface to the top  during the drying process .If this happens we are more than happy to redo the spot and the general area free of charge.  Check out our before & after photos and see what typical results you can expect. We seek to be your carpet & upholstery cleaner of choice, leaving you happy and satisfied with the work performed. 

*Our Guarantee does not cover kitchen or bathroom carpeting. Carpet manufacturers do not recommend or warranty carpeting in these areas. It does not cover carpeting  that is damaged from the use of spotters and other cleaning agent residues from prior  spotting treatments or cleanings. It does not cover prior water ,mold or mildew damage as well as pet stains in carpet ,padding or sub floors.