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1.  We value you as a customer.

         As we mentioned on the front page we strive to bring you the best service and quality possible. Our goal is to be your cleaner of choice each time you need work done. That is why we believe that satisfaction in a job well done will keep a customer returning time and time again. We base our business off of three key elements: superior results, reasonable pricing and guaranteeing our work.

2. We give estimates over the phone.

           We can give estimates over the phone or on-site. Phone quotes save our customers precious time by not having to schedule a separate appointment. Over the phone estimates are almost always accurate to within a few dollars. We have given residential estimates by phone for over 30 years and have never had a problem. Our estimates can only be  as accurate as the descriptions you give us, so the more detailed you are the better. When we arrive and do the walk-through inspection for prior damage and  spots/stains we confirm the on the phone estimate and areas to be cleaned. We then ask the customer if they want to proceed with the agreed upon price.

      If on-site estimates make you more comfortable ,we're more than happy to stop by and do a  walk through of the work you are looking to have done. In most cases very large and commercial quotes usually require on site estimates for  time allotments  and more detailed appraisals.

         The reason our phone quotes work so well is because we charge you the same great prices whether your carpet is slightly or heavily soiled. 

3. We charge by the  avg. size area.

       We charge by the avg. size area not by the square foot so there are no un- expected or hidden bait and switch charges  .Our normal cleaning includes Traffic Lane Pre-Conditioning, Non-Permanent Spot & Stain Removal,  Deodorizing, Light furniture moving,  followed by Deep Steam Cleaning.  An Average Room or Area is up to 150 sq.ft 

4. We offer within the hour appointments

         We try to keep exact appointments with our scheduling. On occasion we will either be  ahead of schedule or running a bit behind. When this happens we will call you and keep you informed of when our arrival time will be.

            We do realize that time is valuable to everyone and appointments should be respected. We also ask you if your going to be late or cannot make the appointment to let us know so we can make appropriate arrangements. Rescheduling is not a problem if you give us advanced notice before the appointment.

5. We offer monthly specials.

Our specials offer a discount in price not a discount in quality or service; we guarantee that.

        We offer specials for everyone not just first time customers. In fact we send out mailers giving  our repeat customers even deeper savings rewarding them for their patronage. 

6. No bulky equipment or use of your electricity

        When our technician arrives two hoses and a cleaning wand are brought in ,no bulky machines, oversized equipment or use of your electricity. We usually carry our own water but if we are low we will ask to hook up to your outside water source not your indoor one. A typical appointment takes about 1 hour while a larger one involving carpets and upholstery can take up to 2 hours. Our equipment and experience allow us to complete jobs at an efficient pace without sacrificing quality .©

7. We use 100% all natural residue free cleaning agents.

          We use 100% all natural residue free cleaning agents that are family, pet and environmentally safe and non-toxic. Helping you create a healthier indoor environment. None of our cleaning agents will void your carpets warranty, all have low  ph levels and no residues that cause rapid re-soiling leaving those horrible traffic lanes. ©

8. We move furniture

         Before we arrive at your house we ask that the homeowner remove all electronic items and breakables from any item of furniture that you would like us to move. Our regular pricing includes moving most sofas, chairs, end tables, and other light items of furniture. We move the furniture clean underneath and return to original position with blocks or tabs under the feet and legs.

      Beds, dressers and heavier pieces are left in place ,moving these larger pieces can damage the structural integrity of the furniture. If we feel that a piece of furniture is not structurally sound or is to heavy we will not move the item.

      9. We back up our work with a Guarantee!

          We first go over any stains , spots  or prior damage and discuss what can be removed and what cannot. Although we cannot take out wear and  permanent stains we can sanitize and remove spots, soils ,contaminants and organisms that inhabit your dirty carpets and upholstery 

         We cannot guarantee to  bring  back  carpet & upholstery from  permanent stains, wear & tear from misuse, improper cleaning techniques and lack of maintenance. 

         On occasion deep spills, residues from prior cleanings or spot removals can resurface to the top  during the drying process .If this happens we are more than happy to redo the spot and the general area free of charge. If you are still not satisfied after the redo we will refund your money for the area or  piece of furniture no questions asked. 

         Check out our before & after photos and see what typical results you can expect. We seek to be your carpet & upholstery cleaner of choice, leaving you happy and satisfied with the work performed.

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