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Like the carpet in your home or business your upholstery will last longer the more often it's professionally cleaned .Kids, pets and day to day wear can take a toll on your furniture. I know how to professionally clean and care for your furniture. I’ve cleaned hundreds of pieces of furniture over the years, and have the experience to know exactly how to clean each piece

        Simply stated I use the same care and attention  I use for my carpet   cleaning services. Pre-inspection  of the furniture fabric is essential! 

All upholstery fabric is different and cannot be cleaned with the same chemicals and methods. So before you decide to clean or take spots out of your expensive furniture with a $4.99 bottle of upholstery cleaner , read the labels on your furniture and give give us a call. 

      When calling any professional to clean your furniture ask questions and make sure the right process and cleaning agents are being used. Over the years other upholstery cleaners have referred us to customers for jobs that they either couldn't clean or had doubts about . Some cleaners can clean some furniture but we safely clean them all.


S – Solvent clean

W – Water clean

WS – Water or Solvent clean

X – No liquids, vacuum clean only

 We clean all  natural (cotton, wool, etc), synthetic (nylon, polyester) velvet and velour .

Our Specialty  in cleaning White, Haitian and Tahitian Cottons as well as other  natural fiber  pieces has gained us many loyal customers.

We also clean Auto, Marine, Airplane  and RV carpet & upholstery.

 Fabric Protector & Deodorization  also Available.


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