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What kind of chemicals do you use and are they harmful?

          All of our chemicals and methods of cleaning  are pH save and will not void your warranty or damage the Scotch guard or Teflon protection on your carpets. We use 100% all natural non-toxic residue free cleaning agents  that are family, pet and environmentally safe and non-toxic. This helps you to create a healthier indoor environment.  Residue-free  cleaning agents promote fast drying and discourage  rapid re-soiling of your carpets.

What can you get out and what can't you get out ?

         When we arrive at your home we first go over any stains , spots 
or prior damage and discuss what can be removed and what cannot be. We can take out soil ,contaminants, residues, odors,  spots and also rejuvenate the pile. We cannot guarantee to  bring  carpet & upholstery back from  permanent stains, wear and tear , improper cleaning techniques and lack of maintenance. We carry a selection of specialty spotters to remove tough spots like rust, tar, grease, and oil.


Should I wait until It really needs it.

       Today's carpet fibers have been engineered to withstand soiling and stains better than ever before. A carpet should be cleaned for maintenance sake before it begins to exhibit signs of soiling. If you wait until advanced signs of soiling and wear have set in many times the fibers in the carpet have been damaged  as if a piece of sandpaper were rubbing on it. regular maintenance of your carpet and upholstery is necessary to prolong the life , appearance and integrity of the fabric. 

  How long does it take to dry?

            By cleaning with steam and non-residue cleaning agents we significantly cut down the drying time The average drying time in optimal drying conditions is dry to the touch in  4-6 hours while in high humidity conditions it can take as long 18-24 hours. We highly recommend the use of fans as a drying accelerator. Circulating or moving the air drastically cuts down the drying time on carpets and upholstery. We strongly advise the use of fans on basement carpets without exception.

        We suggest that tabbed and blocked furniture be left in place and removed furniture be left off the carpet for a period of 24 hours. Areas that are heavily soiled and required more attention also take longer to dry.

How soon can I walk on it?

          Keep pets, children and regular traffic off the carpet for a period of six hours. Keep traffic to minimum ,wear socks or house slippers. Some carpets may still feel slightly damp for up to 18 hours depending on the carpet fiber type and soiling condition. This is normal and will not cause any problems. 

What method of cleaning do you use.

  Our "hot water extraction" or steam cleaning method not only cleans your carpet very thoroughly but also sanitizes and removes deep down soil and contaminants.  Organisms that thrive in dirty carpet and upholstery such as dust mites are killed after 180 degrees.  Our truck mounted steam cleaning equipment is industry leading capable of over 245 degrees of steam and the most powerful truck mounted blowers (vacuums ) available. This equipment coupled with our experience guarantees the best results on every job


Do you move furniture?

      Before we arrive at your house we ask that the homeowner remove all electronic items and breakables from any item of furniture that you would like us to move. Our regular pricing includes moving most sofas, chairs, end tables, and other light items of furniture. We move the furniture clean underneath and return to original position with blocks or tabs under the feet and legs. Beds, dressers and heavier pieces are left in place ,moving these larger pieces can damage the structural integrity of the furniture. If we feel that a piece of furniture is not structurally sound or is to heavy we will not move the item.


How often should I have my carpets & upholstery cleaned?

        Recommended  to promote longevity in your carpets is to have them cleaned at least once a year (six months if you have pets, young children or high traffic) to remove residuals and hidden soils that might cause harm to the fiber and color.

What's the best way to maintain my carpets in between cleanings?


Spot Removal

Placement of floor mats

        We suggest a regiment of weekly vacuuming, spot removal and the placement of floor mats in and out of the home to help maintain clean healthy carpets in between cleanings. check out our carpet maintenance section for more details


Is it true every house has between 2-3 million dustmites?

       The average home is occupied with between 2-3 million dust mites. The majority of these dust mites live in your carpets, upholstery, pillows and mattresses. Carpet cleaning studies reveal that more than 99% of  biological allergens collected by your carpet can be removed with one carpet cleaning. The key to limiting the biological load on any flooring surface is a regular, carefully planned maintenance regiment.



We give estimates on-site or over the phone.

         We give estimates on-site over the phone ,charging by the  average size area not the square foot allows us to do this. If it makes you feel more comfortable to have us look at it first were more than happy to set up time estimate the work your looking to have done. Phone estimates also save our customers precious time not having to schedule a separate appointment just for the estimate. We have found that over the phone estimates with a little help from us are almost always accurate to within a few dollars. Our estimates can only be  as accurate as the descriptions you give us so the more detailed you are the better. In some cases on  larger jobs on site estimates are necessary for time allotments  and accurate appraisals.  An Average Room or Area is up to 150 sq.ft . Oversized and L shaped rooms can be equal to 2 areas.


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